Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

There are many Argan oil benefits for hair and this article is going to look into five of them. The source of organ oil is said to be found in certain areas of Israel and Algeria, and some parts of Morocco. The oil is harvested from some rare oil stemming that sprouts from greenish-looking seeds on a particular tree. Due to its magnificent health benefits with limited sources, Argan oil has been in high demand with limited supply, making it very expensive on the market.

The following are five benefits of Argan Oil:

1. Hair Treatment

Argan oil contains vitamin E making a tremendous product for hair treatment: Both internal and external agents like heat chemicals, oxidization and over styling can do damaging to the hair. However, the presence of vitamin E in the Argan oil helps in the renewal and restoring of the natural hair, while the antioxidants that are also found within Argan oil do help in strengthening the hair and repair any damage that may have been created by the destructive agents.

2. Hair Strengthening

Essential nutrition components, which help in hair shafts and roots, are found within the unsaturated fatty acid enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 9. These fatty acids do the work of strengthening the protein bonding structures found within the shafts and the roots of the hair, leading to enhanced strength of the initially weakened hair, and healing the split ends. The rich contents found within the unsaturated fatty acid are also nutritionally essential for the hair pores.

3. Repair Damaged Hair

Certain damages of the hair are also caused by color treatment, also known as hair dying, making the hair brittle, thus taking away the smoothness. An additional benefit of Argan oil is when it cures the brittle hair increasing life span of the treated hair. This excellent performance of Argan oil makes it surpass jojoba oil in effectiveness; hence, individuals’ preference of Argan oil over jojoba keeps rising, causing shortages in the supply of Argan oil in the market.

4. Hair Moisturizer and Restoration of Hair Texture

The use of Argan oil on unmanageable and uncontrollable hair is often excellent due to its ability to restore hair smoothness and restoring the hair back to its previous state. It also helps in the hydration of the hair in a natural manner, stopping the hair curliness and roughness by making it smooth. Its penetration into the shafts or the hair pores enhances the hair elasticity, thus preventing hair breakage.

5. Nourishment of the Scalp to Promote Hair Growth

Argan oil is best for damages caused to hair. Dry and weak hair that is likely suffering from certain environmental conditions, bad styling practices, excessive handling and relaxers can be repaired. This is done by the presence of natural antioxidants which assist in the strengthening the hair through ensuring that the damaged membrane of the hair is repaired. Nourishment of the scalp is also taken care of, enhancing hair growth. Non-greasy Argan oil is also believed to lock moisture in natural hair, and has the capability to restore shine and luster to any natural hair.